We’ve got good HAY today!

Just received a pack of 2kg Timothy Hay. Green and fresh like how we love it here….

But the buhnies ain’t doing any MOVE IT MOVE IT though…

Skor’s been moving to his own beat without a heed from Holly Hope too….


I am starting to wonder if her biological clock says it’s winter time and no mating allowed. But it’s “summer” all year long here…

And I am very convinced that there is no such thing as doe having constant estrous! You just have to factor in the MOOD too….

I think Skor is not as handsome in her eyes compared to the rest of the other girls?

No chemistry between them? I wonder if I can put on some cologne on Skor. Calvin Klein or D&G perhaps?




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4 responses to “We’ve got good HAY today!

  1. azian9100

    I think, you’re thinking to much… now i’m start worried about you. Hahaha… This Hope really made you crazy..

  2. I am not thinking too much. Just that I am a very structured person. I plan out everything right into every detail and overshooting my deadline from 22nd November till now is not something that I like happening in my schedule. LOL….

    I guess somethings just cannot be rushed. We shall see what happens and it better be soon…..

  3. Photo of Hope & Skor? LOL….there isn’t any action so no point taking photos….

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