Abandoned Rabbit?

A fellow forum member just found a lop ear rabbit “abandoned” in residential area. It is really heart wrenching to know of such situations.

Many months back, I read about people abandoning their unwanted grown up rabbits in the jungle. But nothing can be worst than abandoning a rabbit in the concrete jungle. Just thinking about the rabbit getting run over by a car is just devastating.

I believe notices might have been placed and if the owner do not come forward to reclaim the rabbit, it may be put up for adoption.

This is just the thing that I dread personally and exactly the reason why all breeders should be hold accountable for. Please stop churning out rabbits that might be abandoned!

For details please click here.



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3 responses to “Abandoned Rabbit?

  1. i hope it wasn’t abandoned, but lost or escaped from it’s playpen. It’s really sad to know ppl abandone rabbits in Malaysia 😦

  2. Thanks for spreading the word mate, appreciate it very much 🙂

  3. Just doing my part to help. It’s part of the objective of this rabbitry to highlight the plight of the local rabbits in need but I was hoping that we will not get this sort of things happening that often. Coz if it does, than some thing is going awfully wrong somewhere….

    Hope you find its owner or find a new owner for it. And thanks for taking him in. Great effort there!

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