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Can The Dead Manipulate The Living?

I believe that is something very possible from where I came from. Many cultures in this world believe in the super natural power of the dead and the dead has got great influences in their lives.

But what I am really trying to say is that, should you as a living human being be controlled by objects or should it be the other way around?

Many people keep pets of all sorts and mine happened to be rabbits. Every sane person could see how helpless domesticated pets has become compared to their wild counterparts. And that gives us more reason to take good care of our pets because they rely and depend on us heavily.

I just do not understand sometimes why people tend to provide a domesticated pet an environment closer to their “natural” habitat. Are they trying to make their pets feral?

I can’t seemed to get the point of this when what people take years to domesticate, they tend to reverse the order of things.

For example, I read about people having great experiences raising their rabbits in their backyards or gardens. I have no qualms about that although personally I feel that domesticated rabbits should allowed time in the garden but not living in one all the time. Since most are kept in residential area and there can be too many hazards threatening their lives.

Keeping rabbits in the garden is not the problem but not carefully evaluating the consequences is. I sometimes read about rabbits “escaping” through burrow that they have dug in the garden and I believe to a certain extend, this is a problem. Pets in my opinion, to a certain extend, can be seen as objects with lives of course. They closely relate to objects in the sense whereby they need a being of better judgment to govern over them.

We as the owners are fully responsible for the well being of our pets. We are the higher being with greater judgment. So, when a rabbit burrows through to our neighbor’s lawn, do we say that it is the fault of the rabbit? When our dog poops in front of our neighbor’s compound, do we say bad dog or lousy owner?

But I believe in a land where the dead has got more power than the living, it is most of the time A BAD DOG or A BAD RABBIT because the owner has got a smaller brain compared to the DOG and RABBIT.

How sad and small our brains has shrunk!


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