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What Scares Me The Most?

After encountering so many deaths both in newborn kits and adult rabbits, death is the least of my phobias now. Please do not get me wrong. I still dread death in rabbits and it is something I hate but am able to accept because it is inevitable most of the time.

The scariest thing for me thus far, is being approached by people interested in my rabbits that think that they already know it all. Please do not get me wrong. I respect those that have a good attitude for learning and I must admit that there is still so much more to be learned. I too have much more to learn in this rabbit raising hobby.

I am very afraid of people that are too prideful.

The point I am writing this is that, from the bottom of my heart, I am crying out loud hoping that people for once will understand my good intentions. This blog has exposed my rabbitry to the anonymous cyber world and that really scares me because this entire internet thing is just too superficial.

The internet can work for you and also against you easily. For a breeder that could not care less about the well being of their rabbits, the internet definitely work wonders. It can bring in revenue. Unfortunately, the well being of my rabbits is top priority. At times, I myself do not really understand the reason why I am being so particular but it is just the way I am and I understand that not many people is willing to subscribe to such awkward principles.

It is really hard for me just to let go and just not bother about who takes home my rabbit. There are just too many danger zones.

To name a few, there is a possibility of rabbit farm operators pretending to be interested buyers, backyard breeders who are interested to make a few extra dollars, college students acting as “brokers” earning a few dollars with a change of hand and of course impulse buyers that will soon grow bored of their new found pet.

I have seen too much of these going around and it really scares the crap out of me.

My question to fellow breeders in the US is, do you guys get these a lot or you rather sweep some under the carpet?


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