Rusty Raspberry

I am sure every rabbitry has got an underdog. And my thoughts was with BlueBerry today. I dare say that she is the rabbit with the least photos taken. LOL. She is just not that photogenic to be honest but today, I thought of writing a little post for her.

She is not scheduled for breeding and I will not be breeding her until I find a super short buck to compliment her mid section. I guess she is just going to enjoy being by herself until I find a better buck for her.

She has got a little rusty look on her. It is as if the blue metal has got a little rusty. LOL. Here are some photos to illustrate this magnificent little blue doe called BlueBerry.






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3 responses to “Rusty Raspberry

  1. darma

    Sangterap, She is photogenic la..

  2. get more of her photo la…

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