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Free Rabbit? This way please…(ADOPTED)

UPDATE: This rabbit has been ADOPTED!

Hi everyone, remember the recent post about the abandoned lop ear rabbit?

He’s up for adoption. Definitely not a pure bred Holland Lop but sure makes a good pet. Please do not abandon him again if you plan to take him home.

Here’s the url for more information ABANDONED RABBIT FOR ADOPTION. Please contact kklalex@gmail.com.

On a serious note, I sometimes wonder why in the world should I be so kind to help an abandoned rabbit find a new home. It is as if I am helping some other irresponsible people clean up their MESS! And with so much effort helping them, it is as if I am condoning their ruthless and heartless actions. My disappointment also goes out to those idiotic irresponsible breeders that churns out “JUNKS” that has been thrown out and those that are on the way of being “JUNKS”! They do not bother to do some screening but are more interested with those blood-stained cash going into their hands.

And the more kind-hearted people help abandoned rabbits like this, the more these breeders will think that it is OK. IT IS NOT OK!


Hate me for being so darn b*tchy about where my rabbits go. I rather be hated than to have any of my rabbits fall into a pair of hands that hurt them!

I believe my true compassion is only for the animal not for all these MONEY MINDED s*ckers!

I am doing this mainly for the rabbits. I do not want to see them flooding the pounds and I will continue to fight this good fight in putting every single one of you out of your sorry business!

BTW, this rabbit look very familiar and my gut feeling tells me that my guess is RIGHT! There is only one place that churns out rabbits that look like this one!



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Eager Beaver-Buhny

Found Noobie collecting hay in her mouth this morning. SO EARLY!? She’s not due until 22nd December but that goes to show how she love being a mom.

I am praying really hard for chocolate kits this time or else it would be black & white Christmas this year. LOL!

I am also expecting a few charlies.

Am quite sure there will be a nice nest in the nest box when I get home later. Shall take some photos.

Just can’t wait for the kits to arrive!



I sure hope it is not false pregnancy as she looks a little plump to me…


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