Eager Beaver-Buhny

Found Noobie collecting hay in her mouth this morning. SO EARLY!? She’s not due until 22nd December but that goes to show how she love being a mom.

I am praying really hard for chocolate kits this time or else it would be black & white Christmas this year. LOL!

I am also expecting a few charlies.

Am quite sure there will be a nice nest in the nest box when I get home later. Shall take some photos.

Just can’t wait for the kits to arrive!



I sure hope it is not false pregnancy as she looks a little plump to me…



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2 responses to “Eager Beaver-Buhny

  1. is that means she is going to give birth in this few days?

    • Hahaha…no. She is due on the 22nd only but she’s really preparing way ahead of time. It may be a false pregnancy but she looks pregnant. We’ll see in 2 weeks time.

      Some does prepare their nest earlier and some at the 11th hour. The last litter, I gave her the nest box 1 week earlier and she built a nest. This time I gave her the nest box right after mating and she is building her nest and improving it since yesterday.

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