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More great news!

Just an update on the abandoned rabbit. It has found a good home!!! Great work Stalkie for rescuing the rabbit and finding him a good home. To his new owner, you’re in for some GREAT bunny FUN! Welcome to the wonderful world of buhnies! I heard one of the first thing they bought was GOOD HAY.

On a lighter note, just thought of putting up a sign at the entrance of Meadow Haven which says “SMILE WHEN ENTERING” to remind me not to bring my worries into the rabbitry. Everyone should practice being happy around their rabbit(s)!






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I Like Good News!

A very dear friend of mine from high school who is residing in Melbourne, Australia just told me that his doe Oreo just kindled 5 kits. 1 was a stillborn. That is really good for a 1st time mommy! And to top it off, she actually built a very nice nest.

Jack and his girlfriend Jordan did great by providing both his rabbits with a very nice environment. Just take a look at the posh hutches these spoiled buhnies are living in (don’t forget to imagine the love shack the humans live in too).

Bugsy (the buck) was actually a lost buhny taken in by Jack. Oreo was later bought to be Bugsy’s companion. Oreo reminds me of Charlyz a lot! The first time I saw photos of her, I was shocked and thought Charlyz went down under!

Photos time!




This is Bugsy:

Don’t you think these hutches look so damn good!?




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The Reluctant Doe

As I inserted photos onto this post, I kept on thinking of the most appropriate title. I am not trying to make a mockery out of the great Saint just that the word reluctant got stuck on my mind for this little doe that many has grown so fond of.

Yet another post of my favorite girl, Holly Hope. LOL…


These buhnies know what good hay is. For the longest time, I have not seen my rabbits munching away on hay the moment I place a handful in their bowl. Skor especially is really fussy with hay and this new pack of hay I have got really got his appetite going.


It’s the natural light mind you, that bunch of Timothy Hay is green in color! Love the freshness!


This is by far the best pose Holly Hope has given me of her side profile. She is really perfect in my eyes. Don’t you think she look gorgeous?


And I have saved the best for last:


“O Hope, Hope, wherefore art thou Hope?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I’ll no longer be a Buhninizer.”

This is suppose to be Juliet’s dialogue but I found it more appropriate for Skor. The entire time Hope was out running about, he was just there in his best show pose! I believe a show pose will impress a reluctant doe as much as the judges at ARBA Convention! LOL!!!!!


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