More great news!

Just an update on the abandoned rabbit. It has found a good home!!! Great work Stalkie for rescuing the rabbit and finding him a good home. To his new owner, you’re in for some GREAT bunny FUN! Welcome to the wonderful world of buhnies! I heard one of the first thing they bought was GOOD HAY.

On a lighter note, just thought of putting up a sign at the entrance of Meadow Haven which says “SMILE WHEN ENTERING” to remind me not to bring my worries into the rabbitry. Everyone should practice being happy around their rabbit(s)!






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5 responses to “More great news!

  1. Thanks Lindsey, it’s really nice to hear from you after a long while.

  2. J o K e

    Yeah mate.. you should copyright that sign…and sell it on eBay!

  3. darma

    Hey i want that sign lol.. to show that ‘its from a pure quality breed’ =) heheh

  4. It comes together with the pedigree document of my rabbits.

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