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The Horny Were-rabbit

You know, I am always haunted by images from were-wolf movies especially the one where the man or woman turns into a were wolf with a full moon as the backdrop. Creepy isn’t it?

I was at http://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/phasenow.php today and was very intrigued by how great the computer world has become. The website is able to generate an image of the moon phase according to your computer system time.


As most of you know, I have been waiting for the day Holly Hope mates with Skor. And the wait was rather long and I just couldn’t explain the reason why she is being so reluctant to mate. I once again called upon my dearest mentor Laurie for guidance and she was really kind as usual to share with me a couple of tips. I chose the 2nd tip she suggested and well, I am once again in awe by her accuracy! It is such a waste she has quit this wonderful hobby. She is one of the greatest Holland Lop breeder of all time. The reason for her greatness of course lies in the knowledge that she has got and most importantly, her willingness to share. She is never selfish of her knowledge.

So that being said, I came home today and as my rabbitry sign says, “SMILE WHEN ENTERING”. So I calm myself from the stress of the day, put on a smile and greeted the bunnies. I took Skor out from his cage, placed him on the ground. I then took Holly Hope and placed her on the ground too after checking her vent. It was rather red…

To my great surprise, she went for the humping straight away. And I mean SHE humped Skor. She has been humping Skor all these while but somehow, today I have got a different feeling. Right after she was done humping, she allowed Skor to mount her. And what I saw next literally took my breath away. She LIFTED her bum!

As usual, Skor gave a loud TRIBAL call and the deed was done.


“I am the…Buhninizer, Buhninizer…” – featuring Playboy 4622

I am overjoyed! Finally, Holly Hope has been “de-flowered” and we shall wait for the outcome in another 30 days.

Sorry to end on an anti-climax note, I must say that my worry does not end here, now please pray for smooth delivery everyone!

12th January 2009 is the date to look out for. A new year, a new litter!



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Will you buy a hutch?

All bunny lovers in Malaysia, please vote if you would buy a hutch like this one:

Please leave comments with your budget.

I am planning to bring in a few if there is a market for hutches like this one.

Thank you!


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