Will you buy a hutch?

All bunny lovers in Malaysia, please vote if you would buy a hutch like this one:

Please leave comments with your budget.

I am planning to bring in a few if there is a market for hutches like this one.

Thank you!



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9 responses to “Will you buy a hutch?

  1. azian9100

    I love the BedRoom… if you ask me ..What The Budget… for 4 feet.. I dare pay you RM350 to Rm400 but Eclipse and Koko wont like it because they indoor bunny with free run 24/7. But.. if i were bunny… I love the bedroom very much after my toilet tray …hehehe

  2. That is very reasonable budget. You must have done your research well. LOL…

  3. lm_meileng

    well, i had paid nearly RM400 to buy a cage for my buns and if this hutch cost me around that price, i definately would not think twice on whether to buy or not…….

  4. Daphie

    I would definitely pay more if it comes in my favourite colour! =D
    however, i don think my buns will like it coz they’ve been free range buns all these while!! 🙂 It’s a very comfy hutch tho…

  5. Zack

    Something like this? I would pay about 250? =)

  6. azian9100

    if rm250.. i’ll take 2… hehehe

  7. Zack

    Well, for some reason i don’t think it’ll cost that much.. prob budget will be raised up to 350 xD

    • It would not cost that much if you DIY. And since we do not have manufacturers here locally, importation is needed. So you have to factor in the fluctuating exchange rates and freight charges. But it is good that you comment as it will give me a good statistics on the willing market. Based on your much appreciated comments, I am able to make judgment whether it is feasible to bring in hutches like that. This post was inspired by my observation on how most local consumers are not readily willing to spend too much on just a rabbit.

      Also, if importation does not happen, I bet some silent readers may have their brains working towards being a local manufacturer. Then it would be good to have one. I highly doubt this again based on my observation on how reluctant one will splurge on rabbits and not cost effective to venture into something that does not thrive. LOL…

      Just my opinion and not trying to undermine or think lowly of others. I believe it is valid reason people not being spendthrift especially in current economic situation.

  8. Rm350-400 is a very reasonable price.. i think all my 9 bunnies will love me more if i buy that hutch for all 9 of them, lol!

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