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Bollywood at TLR

If you are a fan of hindustan movies, this may offend you. This being the most anticipating mating session ever, I had to photograph each and every action by these 2 stunning actor/actress. But of course, due to explicit contents, some of the photographs has been removed since this blog is children friendly and I try to refrain from posting lewd contents.

Going through the photos just made me laughed hysterically because these 2 buhnies seemed to act like those in Bollywood Hindie Movie. What is interesting in these movies is that, the actors and actresses can tell their love story from mountain tops, in the valley, travel the whole world round and also “underwater” while rolling down the hill, singing and dancing (sometimes dancers will appear from no where) all in one long breath and just within the timeframe of a song. I hope you get what I mean because I was trying to write that line all within one breath too.

Alright, how is that the same with what happened during this most anticipated mating session? Check out the photos!

After mating, they cannot stop chasing each other around the “pillar”. Bollywood actors and actresses are known to dance around the coconut trees!




“Koochie Koochie Hota Hota Hey HeyooOOOooOOooOOO”



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