Empowering Your Purchasing Power

This is a very general post that applies across all species of pets be it dog, cat, rabbit, hamster and etc.

Some of us may be very familiar with these terms but today, I would just like to write about two terms that haunt consumers in general. I will then give you some examples based on my own experience too how to identify them.

The two terms are Impulse Purchase and Visual Marketing.

But before I begin, please keep this phrase on your mind at all times even after reading this post. THE MONEY IS IN YOUR HANDS, LET IT GO ONLY WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Just imagine you are superman and what will you do when forced to give up your super powers.

What is impulse purchase? It simply means a purchase that is unplanned or spontaneous. I must admit that I have my fair share of impulse purchase experience personally. And I have learn through very hard ways to refrain myself from making those same mistakes again. The reason for impulse purchase is always related to the second term “Visual Marketing”. We are always drawn or attracted to nice things. Our pair of eyes are guilty of making us yearn for something nice and most of the time unnecessary. This we know is the main reason why shopping malls thrive. We are most stimulated by our visual.

So how does that relate to the purchase of a pet? Let’s just say as you walk around the mall and come across a pet shop with a cute little puppy staring out of the window. Most of us will be drawn to the cuteness of the little puppy immediately unless you are someone heartless and could not care less about cute stuff or another living creature.

You are about to make an impulse purchase when you start doing the following:

1) You fear that if you do not make this purchase, you will live to regret

2) You fear that if you do not make this purchase right now, it will be sold out later

3) You cook up many excuses why you should purchase instead of listening to that inner voice that is trying to scream it does not feel right

So when is it right to make a purchase? What I normally do is, in a composed and calm manner, “feel the purchase”. There should be a chemistry between you and the pet that you are about to purchase just like the chemistry between you and your loved ones. And mind you, I do believe in love at first sight when it comes to purchasing a pet. Sometimes you can even narrow down on that special little buhny by just viewing photos of a group of rabbits together.

Now, all these should be done when you are conciously looking to get a pet and has done extensive research on the basic care. Do not and I repeat, DO NOT purchase a pet on a random shopping outing. Most often than not, it is an impulse purchase. You should not just decide to get a rabbit the moment you see some. Purchase only when you are “awake” and know very well what lies ahead for example the time needed to care for a rabbit, the amount of poop/pee that you need to clean on a daily basis, the unforeseen vet fees & most importantly the long term (7 years or more) commitment needed both psychological and financial.

You must always remember that the world is evolving very fast. There will always be better things in the near future. Things will always get better and that applies very well to pets too. Ideally, with a responsible breeder that promotes quality, the products will improve over time and there should not be concern if you miss this one you will never get it when the time is right.

With an ideal purchase, both you and your pet will be very happy and fulfilled in the long run. Just like how my daughter illustrates here with her cheeky little smile before terrorizing Skor that is on cloud 9 at the moment:




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  1. SUCH a beautiful daughter!!! 🙂


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