Updates from Melbourne

Jack & Jordan has been updating me with loads of photo and to appreciate their hardwork, I am posting some of the photos they sent me.

Kits at 4 days:

Please correct me if I am wrong. I believe one is broken black, one is a charlie, one is broken chestnut agouti (just like Bugsy) and the lighter broken colored may be a broken cream? LOL! Just guessing…




They got an even nicer hutch for their rabbits over the weekend. I bet they are having LOP FEVER at the moment. LOL. I am sure some of you may be drooling over this hutch:






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7 responses to “Updates from Melbourne

  1. J o K e

    hahahah nice work bro

  2. azian9100

    OMG.. look at that fatty…So,cute. and yes thet was a very nice hutch…
    TLR… when are you going to start your hutch business??

  3. darma

    This morning i wondering what is the condition regarding the Melbourne bunny.. and hahaha=) you just post recent update about them.. heheh really appreciate sangterap.. =) Thanks..

  4. Zack

    I would buy one, it just depends on the price =), already stated my budget in the hutch thread 🙂

  5. J o K e

    whos darma? havent heard that word in ages!!! SANGTERAP!!!

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