Daily Archives: December 16, 2008

Your Rabbit Stinks!

You spend the entire day cleaning and scrubbing your rabbit’s cage, litter tray and all the accessories in it. But somehow your nose still detects that funky musky smell. What is wrong with your rabbit you wonder.

Besides from the regular nail clipping and ear checks, you should remember the SCENT GLANDS. Rabbits have 3 scent glands. One under their chin and two in between their genitals and poop hole. When you see your rabbit rubbing its chin on something, it means he/she is using the scent gland under its chin. You do not normally need to clean this gland under the chin.

The funky odor normally comes from the pair of scent glands located at the vent area. Where exactly are these scent glands and what should I clean? Flip your rabbit over and follow the diagrams below. You will soon find the source of your odor problem.


You will soon find some secretion build ups which are brownish. I normally use cotton soaked in lukewarm water to clean up these 2 regions. When my nose detects the funky musky smell, I will repeat the process.




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