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Tearing down & Raising in 3 hours

If all goes well, before 2008 is over, I would like to tear Meadow Haven down and raise it up again in just 3 hours. That is the challenge I am putting forth for myself if it is financially feasible. LOL!

The eye of the storm is closing in on us and I could feel the pinch of how worthless our money is these days. That is the reason why I am feeling such a miserable vibe flowing around.

Don’t we all feel like salmons swimming upstream in this life and we get bruised so much in the process?

I rather throw my concerns on this blog than to bring it into the rabbitry.

Sorry for the ranting and we shall move on with the topic for today. The only major problem I have with my shelf setup at the moment is that I cannot get behind it to thoroughly clean it. And since the creation of the TLR PeeGuard V2, I felt that I could use some very simple shelfs with castors made especially for the cages I am using at the moment. This way I can reuse the cages and at the same time put to good use the PeeGuard that I have created. The shelfs with castors will enable me to clean up the rabbitry much more effectively

The current setup that I have will be suitable if there is ample of space to move about. Other than that, I strongly do not recommend it. I still love the fact that it has got a cool waste management system. Only if I have a larger space to work with.

Downsizing you may ask? Quite contrary I must say. With the new shelfs, I am able to hold at least 10 rabbits at a time and there will still be room for expansion up to 14 rabbits!


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