Updates from Melbourne – Spot The Giant!

2 lovely pics to share. Jack’s really worried about that little giant taking all of Oreo’s milk. I couldn’t stop laughing firstly because they are so CUTE and that giant really look a little out of place. And they have mascara!!! LOL!!! J & J, you guys named them yet?





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5 responses to “Updates from Melbourne – Spot The Giant!

  1. darma

    Hi.. OMG>>> SO CUTE <<<

    Its it normal for that giant to have giant body? and do the cute bunny will be the same size as the rest after few month?

    I rabbit previously only born limited edition.. 2-3 litter.. and the result they was so huge and big (7cm).. or bigger then that giant.. hehe hehe.. miss them a lot lor. =(

  2. J o K e

    the largest one is called YETI!!! the others…not so sure yet…..

  3. We only see peanuts in litter, but this time we see giant?! I like this litters.. they have more color range… easy to differentiate them.. Well, J & J.. find them good names. Dont ask TC’s suggestion for their names.. TC is tasteless!

  4. Hey! That’s more tasteless lol!

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