Water Bottle or Bowl?

I used to swear by those funky water bottles but after that happened to Noobie 2 days ago, I now prefer water crocks. I especially love those ceramic water crocks. They are cheap and effective.

Just to quote SB’s theory about using bottles. She asked me a very good question which is, “Would you drink from a bottle if you were a rabbit?”. It is a valid question because she furthers supported her point by saying that since it is quite difficult for them to draw water out from the bottle, naturally rabbits on water bottle will just take the minimum to quench their thirst.

Such good points to put something so simple yet important into perspective.

I know water bottles are much easier to maintain and manage compared to the easy to spill bowls, but I now strongly recommend using water bowls because it will help your rabbits stay hydrated at all time. Somethings are good when they are given less but you should never discount your rabbit(s) off their rights to taking more water.



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4 responses to “Water Bottle or Bowl?

  1. azian9100

    since I have rabbit… I think more then 10 bottle I buy and not happy with it. The problem… licking, and then stuck and somemore I see my rabbit seem like disapointed … from my eyes… because after they lick a few time.. they just sit and lick their lip…
    so I change into a water crock… the problem.. sometime you can see a few pallet and also poop… and the major proplem is… they always turn the bowl upside down.. that mean an extra works for me..
    then again change into a plastic bow with the wire hook… hahahaha.. this work very, very. very well.. and guess it’s only cost RM 3.00 for medium size… and the rabbit happy with it. Sometime I can see Eclipse put his ear inside the water bowl while he sleep… maybe he try to cool his body… but I can see he happy with it. So after all .. i vote for this plastic Bowl with hook ( not only cheap but come in yellow and green … hehehe.. and i buy yellow for Eclipse)

  2. Mei Leng

    yap, exactly, i would like to drink from a BIG CUP rather that bottle or whatsoever. u will be surprised how much yr buns will drink if u give them a bowl of water.

  3. I’m hepi with my rabbits water bottle.. i also had been tried a few type of feeding bottle. And so far their current waters are the best. The current botlle we’re using now is no leakage leakage, but when the rabbits touch the valve, it will flows reasonable amount of water. I put a plastic hanging bowl inches below the nozzle. When the rabbits drink, the extra water will flow into this bowl too… so they can choose to drink from the bowl too.. But i have to wash the bowl 2-3times a day. Because i dont know how i always find hays, fur and poops inside the hanging bowl.

  4. Krista

    I bought a dog/cat water bowl that is metal, has a wide bottom base and no top lip for bun to grab on to so she can’t knock it over. It is ideal and was only $1 at Dollarama!

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