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Noobie’s Update 1

As most of you know, today 22nd December 2008 is Noobie’s due date for kindling. As at 9.38pm there is not sign of kits and Noobie is still chilling on top of her nest box. There is no way I can tell if she is pregnant until she kindles. It is too late to palpate and I have yet to master the skill of palpation.

When she had Holly Hope’s litter she was 2 days late (based on questionable date given). She was on time when Moesha and Charlyz was born. I sure hope that she is taking a little longer to bake those kits in there like how Lindsey had put it.

There is still a little hope in me that she is pregnant. LOL!

I just can’t wait looking into the heavenly sight of white fur covering little wiggly pinkies in the nest box.


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Updates from Melbourne (Day 12): AwwwWwww…

Since I am really in the mood and having the itch (like D) to hold kits, I am posting more photos of the kits in Melbourne courtesy of J & J.

Altogether in a line now…..






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Updates from Melbourne – They have names

¬†kit-siblings-5 These kits are so CUTE! Now they have names too! Let me introduce them one by one: yeti-5 The “giant” is called Yeti and it’s a charlie (I can’t make up the color) chachi-3 This is ChaChi, the smallest of them all (Broken Black) horlicks-4 This is Horlicks (Broken Orange/Fawn) kopiko-2 Last but not least, this is Kopiko (Broken Agouti)


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