Updates from Melbourne (Day 12): AwwwWwww…

Since I am really in the mood and having the itch (like D) to hold kits, I am posting more photos of the kits in Melbourne courtesy of J & J.

Altogether in a line now…..







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6 responses to “Updates from Melbourne (Day 12): AwwwWwww…

  1. azian9100

    OMG…OMG.. Ohhh Myy Goshhh…. that was so adorable… I’m so ,so, so crazy now….. what a nice colour .. and they are so cute… what a lucky dad .. kit, with all different colour…. owww…… I can stand…
    Now we wait TLR kit…

  2. J o K e

    they are getting cuter by the day…. ­čÖé

  3. Daphie

    *dead* -_-` I am OWNED!

  4. i still want that broken orange… *wink2*

  5. Daphie

    Just look at kopiko’s butt on the 3rd pic! and the itty bitty widdle tail!

  6. J o K e

    thefluffies….how much would you pay for horlicks?

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