Updates from Melbourne – They have names

 kit-siblings-5 These kits are so CUTE! Now they have names too! Let me introduce them one by one: yeti-5 The “giant” is called Yeti and it’s a charlie (I can’t make up the color) chachi-3 This is ChaChi, the smallest of them all (Broken Black) horlicks-4 This is Horlicks (Broken Orange/Fawn) kopiko-2 Last but not least, this is Kopiko (Broken Agouti)



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8 responses to “Updates from Melbourne – They have names

  1. So sweet!! Any babies for Noobie yet? I’m practically checking the blog every hour or two-LOL, even though I know it’s in the middle of the night right now. I’m getting excited!!!!! Zita was moved inside the house-thanks Tim for the advice.

    • You’re most welcome Lindsey. Nothing from Noobie yet. She seemed to be normal. I am starting to think that she’s going through false pregnancy. I woke up a few times in the middle of the night just to find an empty nest box. Hope she pops really soon. LOL!

  2. J o K e

    I wish i could keep them all…but unfortunately….heheeh
    we cant…

  3. Kopiko? Horlicks?!!


  4. Hey, i want Horlicks! That broken orange/fawn kit..

  5. Daphie

    OMG!!! I’m drooling for yeti and kopiko!!!!! come on noob…. gambatehhhh!!! we’re all waiting anxiously for urs… hurry hurry!

  6. These pictures show me you indeed have a bumper crops! 😀

  7. J o K e

    sorry guys…not for sale….:P LOL

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