Noobie’s Update 2

It is 9 a.m., 23rd December 2008

Noobie has yet to kindle. I am starting to believe in the possibilities of false pregnancy or reabsorption of kits.

The wait continues…


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3 responses to “Noobie’s Update 2

  1. J o K e

    have faith brother….they will come soon!

  2. darma

    Hi sangterap.. how are you? I went to JB for few days…
    Hows Bunny all? hope they are fine and hope noobie will be fine for the deliver.. anyway.. cheers…

  3. azian9100

    so.. no good news yet… how about the nest… oh ya… you post that day.. she prepare it already… maybe this coming X’mas…. Ho..Ho..Ho..

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