Noobie’s Update 3: I do not think it is happening…

I was out with the family the entire day and when I came home, the nest box was still empty.

I really do not think it is going to happen…

There is a reason for everything and maybe Noob’s feeling the pinch of the economy crisis. She’s saving up for rainy days too? LOL…

If there is any kit in there, I hope she stop “baking” them already because the nicest chocolate will turn black with so much “baking”.

Quite positive it is not gonna happen. Let’s look forward to 12th January 2009 for now.


Could she be pregnant there?

By the way, I would love to congratulate Lindsey of 4 Kings Rabbitry for having had a litter. Just got news from her. Very happy for her. Everyone seemed to be having kits except me….sob sob…LOL!



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4 responses to “Noobie’s Update 3: I do not think it is happening…

  1. azian9100

    Can you feel the marble ??

  2. I’m sorry Tim, I really thought Noobie would be the first to kindle, she’s such a good mom. Maybe she’s waiting to have them tonight. Keep us updated.

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