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Noobie’s Update 4: No kits for Christmas

Expectations has been too high I guess. I am a little disappointed on Christmas eve. Noobie has not kindled and I believe she do not have kits in her. Today’s day 32 and her stomach has flattened out.

There are so many possibilities namely reabsorption, she was too heavy to conceive and false pregnancy.

My concern is not having a foster doe when I need one. She is suppose to be my foster doe when Holly Hope delivers. So now my risk is even greater.

Really need some graces here.

It will be a quiet Christmas in Meadow Haven after all…



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There is a rabbit in everyone

There are many things that we can learn from rabbits. I personally learned that we are very much alike, rabbits and us humans. One very obvious lesson rabbit owners will come to appreciate is that, rabbits almost never show sign of weakness. The only sign shown would be death.

Why is it so? Being animal of prey, rabbits cannot afford to show their predators that they are weak because that will cost them their lives.

I believe one of the reason why I am so attracted to this hobby is because I am required to constantly look out for awkward signs and to react wisely so that I do not loose any of my rabbits. That is the challenge I find worth taking up. When Noobie was taken ill last week, my wife said to me, “You rabbits are like time bombs”. That’s because she felt that from time to time, hurdles never fail to crop up and she sometimes wonder why I bother putting myself into these sort of mental torture and going through all the troubles.

For a matter of fact, I have grown to deal with these problems. And to be honest, they help equip me for the cruel world. Handling a rabbit really helps me deal with people. In the rat race, people are very much like rabbits.

I will tell you why. In the corporate world, human are like a rabbit running free in the meadow. When they get injured, they will never show signs of weakness. Your colleagues will never show you their sign of weakness too! And being prideful beings, no one will ever admit that they are weak. It is survival of the fittest too.

It really scares me a lot to think of human acting like animals but inevitably, they do! The fun part is when you see through them and figure out their weakness. When you do, you get the problem solved!

So whenever you get worked up whether in a rabbit show or in your workplace. Just remember, when someone act nasty, that’s just because they are WEAK and felt THREATENED.


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