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Tru-Luv Eclipse: My First Regret

Remember this boy? He has grown to a very very handsome buck. And before you say anything D, you are right! We all expected Eclipse to turn out gorgeous. I am not too worried because Kak Azian was kind enough to agree that we use him as a stud in future. Maybe we should try him with BlueBerry. Shall give him some more time to grow into a super stud as he is still a junior now.

Here are some photos courtesy of Kak Azian. And you can read my mind, I regret the moment I saw these photos! LOL!!!!




Don’t you just love his HEAD!?

These are the photos of him when he was younger:

And as Laurie has written so many times, patience is the name of the game. And I can totally relate to her now when she said how she hates having a kit looking like a champ at 3 weeks and why she prefers late bloomers. Eclipse is a late bloomer. I hope Luna follows his footstep. I think she is…



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New Banner For New Year!

I know it has been a little dull to be looking at a cluttered banner of my rabbits. Just when I thought of improving the banner, someone on one of the Yahoo! Groups that I joined mention about Lauren Nicholas. Lauren’s in art college and she does logo designs for rabbitries on the side line.

I went over to her website LILBun Designs and fell in love with her artwork. Since I have never earned anything from this blog, I could not afford getting a customized artwork so I decided to grab a couple of Lauren’s free graphics. LOL. I know I am such a cheapskate!

But I would like to thank her and thank God for giving her such a great talent to be so good in her illustrations.

So for those of you who can afford getting customized artwork of your buhnies, feel free to get in touch with Lauren. She will be more than happy to produce one of her “bestest” just for you!


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Tru-Luv Moesha: A Brood After All

Tru-Luv Moesha looked very promising right from the beginning. She had very nice huge head in just a few weeks old. Looking at her today, I realized that a lot of hard work is needed to achieve what I want in my rabbits. Although I am looking into the possibilities of importing more, it is wise to keep the gene pool small at the moment. I really want to see what wonders line breeding can do for me. Introducing totally unrelated lines and outcrossing my rabbits will only dilute the genes further and it will turn out to be a wild goose chase in the end.

I know what you get from the next generation is what you see in both the buck and doe that you breed but some genes up the lineage may manifest themselves unknowingly. That is the reason why, most breeders keep their gene pool small.

I was hoping that her head would mature. Some rabbits are known to have their head mature after 18 months (1.5 years for the head to pop!).

Enjoy the photos:

The 3 weeks old darling



4 months old Junior






P/S: No buhny were hurt in this photography session…


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