New Banner For New Year!

I know it has been a little dull to be looking at a cluttered banner of my rabbits. Just when I thought of improving the banner, someone on one of the Yahoo! Groups that I joined mention about Lauren Nicholas. Lauren’s in art college and she does logo designs for rabbitries on the side line.

I went over to her website LILBun Designs and fell in love with her artwork. Since I have never earned anything from this blog, I could not afford getting a customized artwork so I decided to grab a couple of Lauren’s free graphics. LOL. I know I am such a cheapskate!

But I would like to thank her and thank God for giving her such a great talent to be so good in her illustrations.

So for those of you who can afford getting customized artwork of your buhnies, feel free to get in touch with Lauren. She will be more than happy to produce one of her “bestest” just for you!



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6 responses to “New Banner For New Year!

  1. darma

    Hey.. nice.. i like it.. so creative


  2. azian9100

    sorry.. to say… I like.. the old one better… hehehe… not to say the new one is not nice… but love the old one more… hehehe.. peace

  3. azian9100

    Think so.. too plain… because you background is black… so the plain banner seem like boring…

  4. darma

    Oh Azian.. its call creative lol..

  5. Hey, nice banner! I envy!!! I cant put up any banner in my blog until i change the theme 😦

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