Tru-Luv Eclipse: My First Regret

Remember this boy? He has grown to a very very handsome buck. And before you say anything D, you are right! We all expected Eclipse to turn out gorgeous. I am not too worried because Kak Azian was kind enough to agree that we use him as a stud in future. Maybe we should try him with BlueBerry. Shall give him some more time to grow into a super stud as he is still a junior now.

Here are some photos courtesy of Kak Azian. And you can read my mind, I regret the moment I saw these photos! LOL!!!!




Don’t you just love his HEAD!?

These are the photos of him when he was younger:

And as Laurie has written so many times, patience is the name of the game. And I can totally relate to her now when she said how she hates having a kit looking like a champ at 3 weeks and why she prefers late bloomers. Eclipse is a late bloomer. I hope Luna follows his footstep. I think she is…



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4 responses to “Tru-Luv Eclipse: My First Regret

  1. Oh…WOW….there’s your new herd buck. Lol I’m so glad she’s going to allow you to breed to him. Eclipse is super nice-love that massive head! ….maybe you should try this cross again…:-)

  2. azian9100

    I dont know what to say… Only thank to TLR to let me have this wonderfull bunny…. I love his ears…. hahah… so cute..
    look at the last picture of him when he still small… so funny..

  3. darma

    Looking forward what gonna “Come” from His..

    This Bunny Friend belong to Azian?

  4. He is definitely charming! U should be regret! *a little tease, LOL*

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