Just want to say thank you!

I know Mr. Darma has been waiting for a post since 3 am. Here is a post just for you before the new one comes out after midnight. Thank you for reading.

This post is actually for Kak Azian. Peminat setia TLR. Thank you so much for helping me putting into perspective what I am working so hard for. Whenever I am a little lost, you kept bringing me back to my real path. I have learned in life that every little thing must be appreciated and I truly appreciate having a friend like you. I don’t mean to “bodek” (suck up in English) to make use of Eclipse. You truly deserve him for being who you are.

Thank you very much for that email with similar subject as this post. I will keep that email for the rest of my life to be my beacon when I am lost in this dark world.

Thank you very very much. Thank you for reminding me that this world is superficial. For each nice rabbit we see, thousands are left to die…

Tru-Luv Rabbitry shows you everything and writes everything from the BOTTOM of MY HEART!

And you are one of those that not only allowed me to be who I am, but encourages me to do so. Let’s get emotional and cry to this post…LOL




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4 responses to “Just want to say thank you!

  1. darma

    “Let’s get emotional and cry to this post…LOL”…


    Based on the post Azian really deserve it. Clap2 Clap2

  2. lazybunnys

    oww… how sweet… and so touching…hehehehe…wah darma… now days… always the 1st comment coming from you… hahahahah.. good2

  3. hey, why no nicoty_yne’s name in there?

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