One of TLR’s successes

I believe most of you would agree with me that one of the successes of this blog has been the daily updates of baby rabbits. The posts are normally accompanied by some cute photos. From naked pinkies to big chubby Holland Lops that you love to see first thing in the morning, lunch breaks and before hitting the bed at night.

I will continue doing this because by blogging on the daily progresses of the kits, I am also able to keep a log on them. I am more of a typing person than one who writes so blogging has helped me express myself effectively.

This is something that sets TLR apart from your regular breeder (that may follow suit). You get to see how your rabbit progress if you happen to get one from me. Don’t you just love getting to know the details till the day you hug one home?

That is the niche of TLR. It is definitely True Love from birth and I want that love to be extended to all the “extended families”.

If you find anything that you like, please do not hesitate to contact me but before you do so, please go through this list and proceed only if you answer YES to all of them:

1) I am an HONEST person

2) I take my pets seriously, they are like sons/daughters to me

3) I know very well the outcome of uncontrolled breeding and I endorse spay/neuter as the best solution for overpopulation

4) I do not know much about rabbits but am willing to learn and research

5) I have all the time to spend with my single pet and know the consequences of keeping more (have thought of all possible solutions and will act on them)

Hope to hear from you soon!



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2 responses to “One of TLR’s successes

  1. darma

    I’ll follow up with you..

  2. That is why i told u i prefer to wait my Broken Orange male from ur TRL while i have a lot of choice from other breeders out there…

    Hey! My answer is YESes for all ur questions. So… am qualified to get my Broken Orange when u have one soon? 😉

    p/s : Yeah, i sound weird lately… Too much poisoned from our local forum, showing off a lot of HL babies photos in the thread recently.. Aiyooo!! Still want a broken orange…!

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