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Curtains Down 2008

And so, we have come to the end of year 2008. I just want to list down 10 things that I am grateful for before the year draws to a close.

1) Flying Noobie & BlueBerry across the globe to be with us (approximately 50 hours travel time)

2) Having the first lilac doe (Holly Hope) in Malaysia (surviving out of Noobie’s incredible kindling story)

3) Experimented and built kick-ass shelves with waste management in an apartment environment

4) Having 2 successful litters of kits with BlueBerry & Noobie

5) Blessed with very nice rabbit friends both local and abroad namely – SB, D, Azian, Lindsey, Susie, Teri, Karen, Christine and many more

6) The success of TLR PeeGuard V3.0. LOL!

7) Being featured by 2 local dailies – New Straits Times (Tech & U: Blogger’s Say) and Malay Mail (CyberSpot)

8) An official member of HLRSC

9) Having constant supply of Oxbow pellets for my rabbits

10) Outrageous visits/hits to this blog (thanks to you reading at this very moment!)



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Yet Another One of TLR’s successes

I am always envious of people with house rabbits. That is because the rabbits have free range of the house. The other extreme of the spectrum are those caged up 24/7 and the only time they are taken out of their cages is when they are due for mating (for does and bucks do not get to come out as often). Maybe some do get time out from their cages when going for shows and they only get to taste freedom on the show table (not too large a space though). Please don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to implement anything against breeders. There are some very good breeders that do make up for caging their rabbits up 24/7 with loads of goodies. I take my hat off for them.

As long as they are given cages big enough for the rabbits to pace around would be sufficient.

As for me, being a breeder and a hobbyist, I try to give my rabbits the best of both worlds. This is what every TLR rabbit gets whether young or old. They get individual time out to run everyday around the house for at least 30 minutes each. I currently have 6 rabbits and that will total up to be about 3 hours of time for them to spend going wild in the house.

Before hitting the bed, each rabbit gets 10 minutes of “talk time” and patting.

For those of you who owns a TLR rabbit, you can definitely relate that your rabbits has got a little headstart with their temperament.

You see, rabbits that are not handled since young are quite skittish and what good would it be to have a skittish pet?

For me, this is very obvious with Holly Hope. As most of you know, she was a singleton and I handled her every single day because she was so precious to me. And the whole world was watching her progress at one point. I believe they still are. She is the cutest bunny I have ever seen and that makes her more precious to me. She will greet me at the cage door every evening without fail. Although hormones are getting the best of her at the moment, she still begs for her regular pats on her head.

That is one of the reason why I must ensure I keep the number low enough for me to have individual attention for them.

Just thought that you should know…


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