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Tru-Luv Moesha & Her Mansion

Thanks to Annebunny for these wonderful photos.




I love to get updates of my rabbits living elsewhere. Makes me extremely happy to know that they are doing well.


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Go Forth & Multiply BlueBerry!!!

I have sent BlueBerry to her new mission to expand the Tru-Luv empire. She is now living happily in Sri Bentong Rabbitry. I do not want to breed her to Skor again but at the same time hope to see how far we could develop her line further so I sent her to be with Eclipse.

I hope the linebreeding will work well and we shall see the outcome in another few months.

It was not an easy decision but I felt very comfortable and happy passing her to Kak Azian whom I have the privilege of sharing this passion.

May BlueBerry bring her all the joy!

Now the rabbitry is rather quiet with one less rabbit. I hope Kak Azian and her family enjoyed their short stay at TLR.


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1 week old & almost 3 weeks

How fast time flies. Camior, Seychel & Milkyway turned 1 week today. Truffles is 19 days old.

Here are photos taken of them today.



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Updates from Melbourne: RIP Yeti & Bugsy

With a super heavy heart, I must inform that a bad heat wave swept through Melbourne for the past few days and J&J lost Yeti and Bugsy.

All bunnies & humans at TLR send their heartfelt condolences.

The hardest part for both J&J is that they could not be with their bunnies at the moment as they are back in KL for the Chinese New Year celebration.

Please pray for the rest of the bunnies!

And as a sign of solidarity, I have removed 2 rabbitry websites from my favorite website list because as of late, I felt that these 2 rabbitries reminded me so much of the culture of death in the rabbit circle. I have concrete evidence that they are very unethical breeders in their actions backed by many references that has strenghten my observations. By removing these links, I hope less reference will be made in favour of them. I shall not mention names but if you have been observant enough, you will notice which are the ones removed.


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Happier Times Are Spent With My Bunnies

I took some photos of the kits this morning before my mood swing 360 degrees the opposite way. Can you imagine waiting 4 hours in a bank just to open a new savings account? I am not even talking about any ordinary bank. This bank has been the top bank in Malaysia for several years now. I am totally disappointed and to top it off, I was served by a rude teller. I generally hate sitting in the bank for too long not because I have tons of monies but the risk of getting caught in the middle of a robbery is much higher. I prefer to spend not more than 10 minutes being inside a bank. But today was the worst experience that I ever had with this bank. I took my number at the queue system and went off for lunch and had to wait another 40 minutes to be served by the customer service upon returning. And the actual work of opening an account is done by the teller. Talking about bureaucracy!

And you’ll be surprised that this bank used to talk about under 2 minutes waiting time. Now it took 4 hours!?

The only person I could give credit to is my daughter Beth. It was way way over her nap time and she was trying very hard not to throw a fit. My wife and I almost went into a fit. Outrageous!!!

I could have written 4 posts in that 4 hours of waiting.

I better not be going anywhere near the rabbits because they would feel how frustrated I am.

Sorry for the ranting. Here’s some photos to brighten up your day if you are like me, spent 4 hours in the bank this morning.

Camior, Seychel & Milkyway Day 6








Someone stained this one!!!




Truffles Day 18









Look at those tiny front PAWS!!!


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A Very Dear Friend Called Karen

I just like to take some time today to write about this very special person that I so often missed mentioning on my blog. I met Karen of Little Criter Farm in one of the Holland Lop groups that I joined. Karen first posted the topic of table breeding while I was waiting for Holly Hope to accept Skor. I then sent a mail to Karen for details how table breeding works. She was so generous to explain in detail and that started off our friendship over cyberspace.

Karen hangs out with a group of Holland Lop breeders that subscribes to the motto “Fellowship, Friendship and Fun”.They breed for show but for them winning is just a bonus. I believe that is the right way it should be. While having fun showing, one should not get too carried away wanting to win badly.

There was a movie acted by John Candy. I was not sure if it was Cool Runnings or some other movie about a certain sport. If I remember correctly, John Candy cheated to stay on top of his game because the devil of winning got the best of him. I observed that in life, we’re always being caught up with situation like these. We sometimes cannot accept not being on top when we have been there all these while.

Losing some is good to knock us off our comfort zone and start working hard again.

Since life is too short, why not just enjoy the ride? And while we’re enjoying the ride, why not enjoy it with friends with the same interests?

I cherish friendships very much and for now, the best friendships made for me are friendships made in Holland Lops.

Karen, if you’re reading this, just wanted to say that you’re such a precious friend. Thank you so much for being yourself. Love you and God bless!


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Grooming & Photo Session

Spent the entire afternoon grooming the buhnies and with the help of my pro photographer cousin, we got some great photos of the buhnies.

Nuff said, just enjoy.
























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Tru-Luv Truffles @ Day 15

I definitely have not forgotten Truffles. I was just waiting for the right opportunity to capture the cutest moments. And I found this little fellow sleeping upside down in the nest box. It is just so tickling to watch them at this stage.


Dark chocolate with milk in bowl anyone?




BlueBerry is living at my dining hall and she has got such a big space to roam. I let her out this morning for her usual run. It is nice to see her exploring.





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The diversity of Holland Lop genetics

For those that have done extensive research on the Holland Lop, you will know that English Lops and Netherland Dwarfs was the 2 breeds used initially to get what we have today.

The Angora was also introduced to help get the fur texture desired. And to get the broken patterns, it was said that the English Spots were used and I believe that this is very true based on what I could see in one of Noobie’s kits.

So as you can see, the genetic make up Holland Lops is by nature very diversified and that gives us more reason not to mix breed them further. So many years and effort has been put into developing what we have today. I do not think it will do them justice if they are cross bred without good reasons.

If you need to know what an English Spot looks like, please google for it and you will see similarities between them and Noobie’s broken black kit.

Noobie’s Litter Day 3


Tru-Luv Camior


Tru-Luv Seychel


Tru-Luv Milkyway

And since it is the season to be talking about PROSPERITY, check this one out. If this is not prosperity I do not know what is.


*P/S: We in Malaysia always relate a big tummy of a man to prosperity maybe because the god of prosperity is a plump fellow. LOL! And he happened to have a long moustache too! ROFL!


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Happy Lunar New Year!

To all our readers celebrating this auspicious occasion, have yourselves a jolly and happy new year. May the year of the Ox bring you abundance & prosperity.

May all nest boxes be filled to the brim!

As we celebrate with eating ourselves broke this year, let us remember all those oppressed & suffering hunger. We remember the poor and struck down by terminal illnesses. We pray that they may be bless in their times of trials and tribulations!

Let’s be grateful & thankful for our less than perfect lives!

Noobie’s kits @ 2nd Day:



I shall name the charlie Milkyway, the broken black Camior & the broken chocolate is Seychel.

Tru-Luv Truffles Day 13:



Don’t these photos look familiar. When Holly Hope was a singleton herself, Noobie cuddled her. Now Hope’s doing the same thing for Truffles. Truffles don’t like living in the nest box anymore and it is good for it to be out of the nest box walking all around.


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