Winds Of Change: Holland Lops Available For Sale

After keeping and evaluating both Tru-Luv Luna and Moesha for 5/6 months now, I have concluded that they will not be beneficial in my breeding program for the traits that I am looking for. Therefore, I am offering them up for sale strictly as pets. If you are interested please feel free to inquire through email to

Here they are:

Tru-Luv Luna

Color: Broken Siamese Sable (very rare)

Age: 6 months

Tru-Luv Moesha

Color: Broken Black

Age: 5 months



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8 responses to “Winds Of Change: Holland Lops Available For Sale

  1. tania

    i hope they go to very good homes! (: luna’s such a doll.

  2. tania

    oh i’ve got a question. I know your buns are all kept indoors, but why do they have yellow socks? do the pads of their feet get rather yellow no matter where they roam? just curious haha, coz mine tend to get dirty feet too even though he’s kept on tiled floors..

  3. Hi Tania, such a good question. Yes, my rabbit are kept indoors but not free roaming in my house. They are let loose one at a time every day. They are caged indoors. HAHAHA. I hope it does not give an impression that I am staying in a dirty house.

    I am sure you noticed those mats I used to line the cage floor. Sometimes when they pee, there would be some stains on the mats and they usually pick the yellow socks from there. Those that are using litter trays does not have that problem. Their feet are white most of the time. Juniors normally have no fixed “toilet” area therefore they may get their feet stained once in a while. A little grooming and combing would do the trick to remove stained fur.

    When you have a pet, it does not usually means 100% squeky clean. They have thick fur under their feet and that usually picks up loads of stuff wherever they are. Just like a little mop. LOL.

  4. hope they’ll go to a good home and i know u’ll select a good home for them 🙂

  5. tania

    Yeah I think that’s where he gets the stains from, when any remnants of pee or squished poo gets stuck on the bath mats, and he steps on them.. You’re right! Pepper cleans the whole place up when he runs around lol, like a very fluffy broom XD. But then I always have to clean the broom afterwards, haha.

  6. AD

    the broken siamese is very rare. and possibly only u the one having it in malaysia. u willing to let it go anyway?zzz
    btw. both vry cute 😉 hav they got a new homey?

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