Golden Triangles!

The term Golden Triangle was the name given to a number of countries in the Southeast Asia Region in the 50s. These countries are known for their huge productions of opium. Today, the word opium can be used quite loosely to describe a certain addictive. I can refer to my daughter’s pacifier as an opium because it gives her a natural high and the moment she gets the pacifier in her mouth, she falls asleep. It is quite similar to someone taking opium back in the 50s. Since hay is the most important part of a rabbit’s diet and they smell OH SOOOoooOOooo GOOooooOD, I am using the term opium to describe how it relates to rabbits. And sometimes they do look like some kind of “weed” too. LOL!

I am not using this post to promote drugs. I would like to teach the general public how one can recognize a rabbit owner through certain common habits that they exhibit.

The followings are the characteristics of an “OBSESSED” rabbit owner:

1) His/her house smells of grass

2) There is a certain smell that only you (as a guest) can smell the moment you step into his/her house

3) He/she talks, eats and sleeps RABBITS

4) He/she always surf in rabbit forums, websites and blogs

5) He/she spends tons of money buying grass (no one can explain this phenomenon)

6) His/her neighbors suspect him/her of being marijuana dealer (seeing him/her with packs of grasses of all kinds)

7) He/she always have fur stuck to his/her shirt at work

8) Contrary to popular beliefs, he/she do not like carrot that much

9) And this is the ultimate, you can always find a big box of grasses in one of the rooms such as this……


On a lighter note, I was trying to arrange the hay nicely in the box above when I found my little girl helping me with feeding Skor his first strand of Bermuda Grass:


P/S: These are hay for ruminant household pets such as Rabbit, Guinea Pig & Chinchillas. So please don’t jump into conclusion and accuse me of having “WEED” or “BONG” ok?



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14 responses to “Golden Triangles!

  1. LOL- I love the list-it’s so True. Your hay looks so fresh, lovely color to it! I hope you can continue to get more of your Bermuda hay:-)

  2. darma

    Ha ha ha…
    i’m ‘OBSESSED’ to Rabbit lor..
    “He/she talks, eats and sleeps RABBITS”
    “He/she always surf in rabbit forums, websites and blogs”EVERYDAY

    BUT.. =( only memory.. past 4 Years…

  3. tania

    i have oat, barley and wheat grass as well as timothy and alfalfa for pepper in a box at home. Since I keep the box inside his living quarters, he loves to jump onto the box and shred the lids into pieces XD. Will have to replace it soon.. XD

  4. June

    Reminded me of my friends’ comments when the came over to my place. They said my place smells like Mickey. Initially I thought they meant his pee and poo but later on I found out they were referring to his hay.. 🙂

  5. Haha! This might be my favorite Truluv blogpost yet. Your little daughter is just so darling!! She is going to grow up to be a rabbit lover for sure!

    • Thanks so much Lauren for dropping by. I am so proud to have you commenting. The one and only Lauren Nicholas of LILBun Designs. For those who wants a little caricature of your rabbit(s), please get Lauren to get it done for you. She is AMAZINGLY talented!

  6. PS I LOOOOVE the smell of hay, and the smell of baby bunnies because they smell like hay and fluff! It’s one of my favorite smells in the world! lol

    If I could walk around in baby bunny scented perfume, I would.

  7. We’re waiting our timothy and bermuda grass to reach us too :E

  8. Hey, Baby beth looks like the small girl in Monster Inc! :mrgreen:

  9. tania

    haha thankfully he hasn’t peed on the box – yet! >.< perhaps I should cover the upper layer with newspaper/plastic just in case.. But he seems pretty disciplined with where he pees. Like just now I let him play around in my room while i was tyding up and when i put him back into the play pen, he immediately jumped into his cage and relieved himself.. haha. XD

  10. Keeping hay LOOSE in a box is very good ideal to keep and maintain your hay in total freshness. The hay will keep fresh with “Good Care” too. Can’t wait to see your bunny eating like a gluttony toward the hay, that is a good sign!!! 😀

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