Told Ya This Was Coming!


Remember that I mentioned Ms. Sheila Rahman of Malay Mail was working on a new year’s special for the CyberSpot column? It is out today!

If you want to know how the person behind Tru-Luv Rabbitry, make sure you grab a copy. LOL!

So it is time to unveil who is really behind this blog as I will no longer edit photos of myself on the local daily (more LOL!!!). Here you go….


A huge huge big BUNNY hug and thank you to Ms. Sheila Rahman & the great peeps at Malay Mail for this great feature!

Now, who wants that rabbit on the newspaper!? I think I might be changing my mind on selling Tru-Luv Moesha. LOL…



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9 responses to “Told Ya This Was Coming!

  1. Is that u, Tim!! Hey, why u look younger than me?!! U’re supposed to be older than me!


    • Haha…Baby face gene runs in the family or issit the dwarf gene. I think I am a true dwarf. No peanuts I hope (touch wood really). LOL!!!

      I don’t like having a baby face more than I should. People calls me Boy when I order my food in the shops. LOL! Good thing is, I can still dress up like a school boy and everyone would believe I am one of them. Maybe I should go back to high school. Miss the good old times once in a while. LOL!

  2. hahahah.. so i will not worry disturbing u with questions that will make u stay up late 😆

  3. tania

    well now we know what to expect you to look like when you’re 60… you’d probably look 30! XD congrats on getting into the news btw!

  4. azian9100

    hahaha… look different from the last time i see you.. just like Holland Lop cute and young 4eve. Hei… you can demand the price now. Mo is “celebrity” now.. hehehe

    • Hahahahaha….

      I think she will demand for a better owner now not so much of me demanding more cash from selling her. LOL!

      The last time you see me, I was in Ah Pek mode. LOL!

      To be appearing on a newspaper must dress up a little. But for laughs, you can really imagine a long sleeve shirt on top of a pair of Bermuda pants!

  5. J o K e

    so when will you be featured in a new action packed movie??

    The story of Tru-Luv Rabbitry….starring Timothy Chan

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