Holly Hope: Countdown Begins

I caught Holly Hope collecting hay early Sunday morning (2am!). The Bermuda Hay (opium-LOL!) must have caused her motherly instincts to kick in. Building a nest 1 week ahead of time just like her mom, Noobie. I am praying very hard for a smooth delivery for her and I hope she inherits her mommy’s good motherly instincts.

I am very anxious at the moment.




And so, the countdown begins to 12th January 2009. I am not putting too much expectations since this is her first litter. Not trying to be pessimistic and over optimistic either. Just enjoying the moment!

Everybunny else is sacrificing their run times for Holly Hope. I am trying to ensure that she gets all the exercise she needs for this last “lap” so that she could have loads of stamina to do all the pushing.





Let us all cross our fingers and toes that she will have a safe delivery!



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9 responses to “Holly Hope: Countdown Begins

  1. furrybutts

    Oh, Hope, that’s a very nice nest you’ve built! We’re all praying that you’ll have a smooth & easy delivery, and healthy little pink babies! We just know you’ll be a good mommy 😀

  2. Holly Hope looks like she’s getting ready for the big day! Fingers crossed and praying everything will go just fine and this time next week Tru-Luv Rabbitry will have some new members of the family.:-)

  3. azian9100

    How great.. God created thing and life… just imagine .. since Holy is small no one thought her how to build nest.. But when the time is coming her Motherly instincts make her suscess in building nest. Hopefully she a good mother too. And all crossed that she have a save delivery and a wonderfull kit..

  4. We hope HollyHope will safely deliver beautiful and healthy pinkies.. U must be very nervous too, Tim?

  5. Cnngratualtion in advance on your coming bunnies baby! Look like your bunny love those green hay. 😀

  6. June

    Wish HollyHope a smooth delivery!

  7. azian9100

    Tim… if you nervous… you think what Skor feel???

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