Updates from Melbourne: Bunny Fever @ 1000 Degrees!

There is no telling what you WILL NOT do for your rabbits once you are hit with this CONDITION. I call it condition because I do not want it to sound as bad as a DISEASE. J & J has been hit by this bunny fever bug since Oreo kindled. First, a hutch make over and guess what’s next?

Let’s have a preview of the patio before the make over and after.



One of the Js wants me to emphasize how dirty this one is. I just could not agree. I thought this was decent. But….



They totally converted the patio into a superb bunspace! What else can you say except for WOW!?

Make you feel like getting a rabbit and a killer hutch right?

Let’s go through this new bunspace in detail. The lawn was remade by laying wire mesh before the soil and grass went on top. The lawn is sure to be bunny proof from digging.


“I really want to be a bunny now!”


“What!? A hobbit hole? I think it’s a HopInIt hole! A man-made burrow! Now, step aside MTV Cribs, this is PIMP MA’ HOLE…oops sorry, no profanity, PIMP MA’ BURROW”




Ya’ll wanna know how the BURROW was made? It is a plastic igloo covered with dirt and grass! Talking about creativity! The buhnies love it! This is really innovative beyond human’s ability. You really have to put yourself into the rabbit’s shoes literally to know what they like. I am dumbstruck by my dear friend’s new craze!











I believe very much that this is what happen to you when you’re caught with a bunny fever bug at 1000 degrees!

And all these would not be complete without these:





“nico, your favorite!”




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12 responses to “Updates from Melbourne: Bunny Fever @ 1000 Degrees!

  1. darma

    Oh My Godd!!!!!!!!
    Totally bunny fever! i’ll be happy if i’m a bunny LOL!! its … really speechless!!!


  2. azian9100

    This is totally heavy Bunny Fever…

  3. J o K e

    its a good fever….. nothing feels better than seeing happy bunnies…. πŸ™‚

  4. Daphie

    Oh my…. what lucky buns!!! makes me wanna be one of the cuties! πŸ˜€

  5. Daphie

    Ohhh one more thing… the bunny burrow ROCKS! creator = GENIUS! I’m gonna pirate that! πŸ˜€

  6. J o K e

    Pirate away!

  7. This the coolest Bunny Heaven i ever saw and i’m so envy with the landscape and the masterpiece.. Good job!

    Errr… can we fly than broken orange for me, pleeeeeaaaaase!

  8. J o K e

    how would you transport them?? hand carry?

  9. If can fly here, i want all 4 la… πŸ˜€

  10. tainz

    well if I had my own place and it was as spacious as that, heck yeaaaa would I do that! πŸ˜€ omgoshh yesss i want to be a bunny too.

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