Remember Them? It’s Floppie & Lumix!

It has been a while since we last saw these 2. There were from my initial lines. Their owner E was kind enough to send me a picture. I melted the moment I saw the photo because THEY ARE BONDED!

2 unfixed bucks bonded? How amazing is that? Look at both father and son enjoying a meal together. This is really a rare sight to behold.



Mr. E said that he did not do much to get them bonded except for putting their cages side by side. And they usually do not give much attention to each other when they are out to roam together. Here’s another photo:




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12 responses to “Remember Them? It’s Floppie & Lumix!

  1. darma

    wow.. never see this kind of things lor.. he can scence that they are related..

  2. azian9100

    ehh… how come so ‘kamcing’ no fight fight…. must share here lah E…
    and as always.. darma is always 1st….

  3. The other 1 looks like yohji..

  4. Daphie

    i think lumix is yohji’s father 😀

    Floppy n Lumix look SO ALIKE!

  5. azian9100

    aaaa… nico… your next Yohji the 2nd can be done.. hahahaha

  6. azian9100

    ohh.. sorry Nico.. Lumix.. Out Of Service already…

  7. I cannot kidnap Yohji, i kidnap Lumix then.. LOL!

  8. furrybutts

    Sweet 😀

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