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Special Update: Holly Hope Day 30

Sorry for the late updates. My day didn’t start off too well and something happened that really broke my spirit. I am trying to pick up the pieces and try not to let Holly Hope feel my sadness. On the other hand, I am accepting the fact that things normally happen for good reasons and since I am at a juncture of making crucial decision, it is better for these things to happen now. At least I know what are the next course of actions to undertake.

She have not kindled yet but like yesterday, she’s really heavy and I could really see kicks from within her stomach more often now. I believe those are kicks that I am looking at. Let’s just take a look at the video. There are some twitches amidst the normal breathing movements. Many people would argue that you can never feel or see kicks, but I tend to believe otherwise.



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Provocative Quote

From time to time I meet very interesting characters and recently, I had the privilege of meeting a chatty girl nicknamed annebunny. We were discussing on the issue of breeding, the hottest topic that I will always talk to new rabbit acquaintances that I meet. And naturally, the discussion led to me asking whether she would feel bad if the kits from her breeding was sold to irresponsible owners and she replied:

“I do not think people would buy something they do not want”

Now, this statement is stuck to my head like glue. Such a simple statement that has so much weight to it. In between fighting within myself so hard not to agree with it, I realized that it does make some sense. Well, maybe some of you may go “DUHHhhhHH”.

I have posted a couple of adoption posts in the past and what I fear most is that, out of all the rabbits being sold on a regular basis in the pet shops, a big percentage would be thrown out. To a great extend, I believe a huge percentage of those rabbits sold seldom make it to adulthood and even so, with inadequate care they will experience the same fate-death. The adoption posts are but a few “reported” cases. I hope there are no more than that. It is very nerve wreaking to have a sense of knowing that there are many more unreported cases.

But let us all hope for the best and believe in this little profound statement. I really do hope, people only buy things that they truly desire and cherish forever.

And let us just leave it as that.

P/S: Thanks annebunny for this inspiration, it is nice to know yet another rabbit lover that I believe through time, will blossom into someone who fights for the rights of domestic pets


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