Special Update: Holly Hope Day 30

Sorry for the late updates. My day didn’t start off too well and something happened that really broke my spirit. I am trying to pick up the pieces and try not to let Holly Hope feel my sadness. On the other hand, I am accepting the fact that things normally happen for good reasons and since I am at a juncture of making crucial decision, it is better for these things to happen now. At least I know what are the next course of actions to undertake.

She have not kindled yet but like yesterday, she’s really heavy and I could really see kicks from within her stomach more often now. I believe those are kicks that I am looking at. Let’s just take a look at the video. There are some twitches amidst the normal breathing movements. Many people would argue that you can never feel or see kicks, but I tend to believe otherwise.



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4 responses to “Special Update: Holly Hope Day 30

  1. azian9100

    wow…. I cant belive I can see that. that only i feel lastime when I’m pregnant. Maybe tonight is the BIG night…

  2. Daphie

    cute kickies!!! has she pop yet? has she pop yet?? has she pop yet????

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