Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 0

Just within a few hours we have our first casualty and it is not the peanut. The peanut is still holding on and seemed to be quite warm. I put my hand into the nest box at 11 pm and felt a cold kit. To my horror, it was the other “thriving” broken chocolate kit.

The notion that I will only be left with another broken black seemed to be a reality that I must accept. It is not meant to be that we start this year off having chocolates.

But this litter of kits define a lot of things for me. Under our Malaysian weather, a buck can be near sterile judging from the number of kits I am getting with 2 matings. And most importantly, Skor is indeed a chocolate carrier.

If any of the kits survives this time, it would consider a bonus. Maybe this broken black is the buck I need to replace Skor? I hope so as it is also a chocolate carrier!

Tru-Luv Choco-Cream, binky free little one….



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11 responses to “Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 0

  1. azian9100

    ohh… binky free baby… we wait for you… maybe you are not ready for us…

  2. darma

    Come back and stay in TLR one day..

  3. Awe goodness.:-( I’m so sorry to hear this. At least now you know that Skor is a chocolate carrier and repeating this breeding is a possibility to get chocolates again. You said that the other kit is a peanut? From the pictures I can’t tell a big size difference…you sure it’s a peanut and not a dwarf? I hope and pray it is a dwarf so that you may have your chocolate baby after all. Either way, Holly did an awesome job and regaurdless of the outcome I would call this a success!:-)

  4. I really hope that it is a super dwarf….I will try my best to help it survive….

  5. June

    Sorry abt ur lost. Hope the peanut will turn out to be a dwarf….

  6. tania

    yeah, i really hope your peanut/dwarf will grow up to thrive just like micro from barbi brown’s bunnies did! (:

    But not bad at all for a first time mother, holly hope!

    • I am happy how the entire thing went for now. I know that I could get chocolates out of Hope and Skor. At the same time I hope that these 2 make it to adulthood. Too precious. If the peanut/dwarf is alive when I get home tonight, I think it will make it for sure.

  7. Like darma said : Come back and stay in TLR one day..

  8. furrybutts

    Sorry to hear about Choco-Cream. Be happy at the Bridge, little one.

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