Special Update: Holly Hope Day 31 (Due)



1.30 pm: Delivered. Most probably 3 babies!

No details yet but thank you ALL for PRAYERS!!!

Wanna thank my dad for helping me out so much!

According to him Hope inherited Noobie’s good mother instinct. All squeky CLEAN!!!!

Watch out for PHOTOS!!!!

10.30 am : No actions

Original Post

As at 6.30 am, there were no sign of actions and I left for work at 6.45 am. I’ve got someone to come over to look after her and update me at work.

Talking about remote support. LOL.

She is lying on her side all the time now and you could just see the huge buldge on her. Praying hard that she does well. I am very anxious and excited at the same time. Quite disappointed that I can’t take the day off to witness her first litter.

We shall see how it goes and if all goes well, we might be seeing pinkies tonight!



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12 responses to “Special Update: Holly Hope Day 31 (Due)

  1. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!

  2. azian9100

    Holy Hope..Holy Hope.. GooGo.. Holy Hope. I read Bunny deliver night time, so no worries lah … you can still be with her.

  3. Hope everything will go smooth for her.. *fingers crossed* Cant wait to see pinkies tmrw!

  4. darma

    Hope everything gonna go well.. pinkies tonight!!

  5. Can’t wait to see those little pinkies!!!!

  6. tania


    awwe can’t wait to see how the pinkies will grow up to be. :’D

    congrats on your new kits!

  7. azian9100

    CONGRATss… TLR got new pinkies… when TLR is happy we all double the happiness… just like McD…

  8. tania

    hahaha kak azian… exactly like mcD XD.

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