Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 1

Little runt/peanut/dwarf survived a day (we need it to go through the 3 days mark). The broken black kit was really plump and I could even see a big patch of white milk through the transparent tummy when I check on them first thing returning from work.

Holly Hope has been nursing them well. But the little one did not get much milk I believe so I am going to assist it by turning Holly Hope around so that it could suckle. He/she definitely need extra feeding.


Beth wanted to kiss the little furballs!




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10 responses to “Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 1

  1. darma

    Hey.. way to go pinkie!! they are so cute.. I mean 3 of them in the pic..

  2. Lindsey

    Awe! The little one does look like a peanut…I pray I’m wrong though. Those tiny ears look familiar as my peanut babies had them.:-( I’m sending LOTS of prayers your way that this little one makes it. The black is absolutely Gorgeous! Does it have a butterfly marking on the nose?

  3. azian9100

    eh.. can see the peanut ear already…..it’s a good sign hopefully

  4. J o K e

    i will be praying for little peanut….

  5. Daphie

    Beth’s got a nice head! LOLz… *fingers crossed* for peanut..

  6. The 3 babies (including baby beth!) are soooo cute!

  7. June

    Does Holly Hope still take care of them after human touches her baby?

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