Updates from Melbourne: Kits Overloaded!

The happy family down under:


The attack of the helicopter buhnies!!!!





And they are toilet trained too!!!




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5 responses to “Updates from Melbourne: Kits Overloaded!

  1. azian9100

    hehehe…helicopter bunny…so cute…

  2. tania

    Oh lordy lord. How adorable they all are.. >.<

    I love how no two kit of the same litter look the same. :’D

  3. darma

    Hey very fast they grow up huh.. by this time can identify which one is doe and buck huh?

  4. J o K e

    checked last night…i think…..THINK…they are all doe’s!

  5. Joke, the orange one is doe as well? I always wanted a male broken orange.. like Yohji!

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