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Bon Voyage Tru-Luv Moesha!

I just sent Moesha to her new owner. Would like to welcome annebunny to the big TLR family. A sweet young lady she is and she even brought along her 3 months old little bunny called Tinkerbell when we met up just now.

Here’s the last photos I took for Moesha. A true “celebrity” bunny fit for a “celebrity”.



Sorry for the bad pictures. I am awaiting annebunny to send me some at her new home.


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Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 2

I know everyone’s waiting for pictures of the pinkies.

The little one seemed to be alright so far. Both of them reminds me of Moesha and Charlyz when they were newborn kits. Let’s just hope the little one survive through 7th day for now alright?

So here are the pictures as promised:





Let’s pray that Tru-Luv Mycrochip thrives. I still trying to figure out a name for the broken black. Any suggestion? Anyone have a favorite dark chocolate brand name?

And by the way, Holly Hope has got quite a few bald patches on her. She’s been pulling fur non-stop to cover the kits.


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