Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 2

I know everyone’s waiting for pictures of the pinkies.

The little one seemed to be alright so far. Both of them reminds me of Moesha and Charlyz when they were newborn kits. Let’s just hope the little one survive through 7th day for now alright?

So here are the pictures as promised:





Let’s pray that Tru-Luv Mycrochip thrives. I still trying to figure out a name for the broken black. Any suggestion? Anyone have a favorite dark chocolate brand name?

And by the way, Holly Hope has got quite a few bald patches on her. She’s been pulling fur non-stop to cover the kits.



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11 responses to “Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 2

  1. azian9100

    I like HarLey’s Kisses

  2. tania

    cadbury’s old gold.. yummm

    hahaha. the black one’s markings is very close to skor’s yes? he’s got very strong broken black genes, then eh?

    does mycrochip have some chocolate patterns on him? Looks like it from the pictures..

  3. tania

    whoops my bad, i mistook the 3rd picture as the broken black. >.<

  4. azian9100

    yup .. hershey’s.. sorry old d… forgot..

  5. Mycrochip’s head looks like flower horn :mrgreen:

  6. I think it is a too early for names.. dont want to see their sexes yet?

  7. Chocolate brand.. I dont have favourite brand when it comes to chocolate.. i love all chocolates! But how about Beryl’s?

  8. My chipmunks always steal my Zips chocolate waffle! :mrgreen:

  9. Hey, i posted a lot of comments here.. i just crazy naming the pets!! :mrgreen:

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