Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 3

Dear readers,

I am not going to post photos today because I came home rather late from work today and I am very tired. But what I can say is that, little Mycrochip does not look all that good. It’s getting skinny and I feel that it is fading away.

Holly Hope has been pulling fur excessively and I was able to pull out bundles of fur from her mouth. I don’t know how much she has ingested. I hope she stop the bad habit and there isn’t much in her stomach.

Sorry to disappoint for not posting photos today. Thank you for your time checking back on this blog.


The Bunnyman


I cannot help but to take a photo of the 2 kits together. I believe tonight may be the last night for little Mycrochip. I guess they are right when they say the more you want something badly, the more it will fade away from you. Maybe there could be a chance Mycrochip could bounce back which I doubt.

It is sad that it all boils down to this sort of ending.




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9 responses to “Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 3

  1. I’m sorry to hear that little Mycrochip isn’t doing well. I’ll be checking back for updates. ((hugs to you and Holly Hope))

  2. AnneBunny

    That is sad…
    Come on Mycrochip! u can do it!
    Come on Tim U can do it too!!!
    dont give up on this little one….

  3. J o K e

    have faith bruvs…..have faith!!!!

  4. Tim, remember i told u about Luna when she was a few days old? She missed her feeding time a few times and she was much smaller than the others.. Maybe u can try what i did to saved Luna?

    I fed Luna (almost four days in her 1st week) with fresh goat’s milk. I boiled it and kept in fridge. When i wanted to feed her, i used a needle-less syringe and dipped it in a bowl of hot water to make the milk warm before fed it to Luna. I fed around 0.5-1ml a day. Small amount at a time to make sure she wasnt starving.

    I also dropped 1 drop of vit (i think it is something works like Benebac) in her mouth.

    Do u think u can try this?

    • Thanks for your suggestion. What you done is very good. I have tried it but this is more of a genetic problem. I believe Luna was just small in size compared to the rest. Mycrochip is a peanut. I don’t want it to die as much as anyone here but sometimes things are just not in our control.

      She seemed a little weak this morning.

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