Facts they never told you

“That rabbit in the cage look so cute, I would like to have him please”

Sounds like shopping for your favorite dress is it not? That is exactly what they do to you in places that sell pets. I believe it is called Visual Marketing if I am not wrong?

Behind every litter of rabbits, are truth and facts never told. You will never see death because if you did, they fear that their sales will plummet. What you see is just superficial upfront that is being put up to impress. All unpleasant information swept underneath the carpet.

That is the real world. The reality that we cannot accept but at the same time, condone indirectly. I am sad to have peanuts because I am a human as well. I have feelings for my pets. At the same time, I am happy to share these information with you. Something that never been done.

Death for me should not be taken as a weakness in the rabbitry. Faults or even genetically challenged traits should not be something that an ethical breeder should be ashamed of. We must identify all these and make it known. Death should not be seen as something bad or negative. We should instead look into how we can improve further.

It may sound cold but I have learned to let nature take its course. Just like in the wild, a weak rabbit has no room for the wilderness. But for me, I chose to do something about it. And if my attempts do not bear fruit, I will indeed let nature take its course.


I have written about peanuts in the past. So for those who still do not understand, please use the search feature of this blog.

Peanut is inevitable in DWARF BREEDS. And please bear in mind, Holland Lop is indeed one of the hardest breed to raise. Any breeders will tell you that. But I am courageous enough to take this challenge and I am loving it. Not loving the deaths but what thrives.

If you do not see Mycrochip in my future posts, please know that I do not want to talk about it and just pick up the hint from there.

Don’t we all emphasize on negativity?


The reason for Mycrochip not growing like its sibling is because it lacks GROWTH HORMONES from its pituitary gland. Some peanuts are known to not have a stomach and normally would starve to death. Basically, they may have a certain undeveloped organ.


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