Tru-Luv Rabbitry @ Pet Epicure

Nothing feels better than to hang out with animal people on a Sunday afternoon. It been quite a while since I participated such an outing. I made new friends while trying to promote the rabbitry. I felt right at home although the place was filled with cats. I was happy to have a couple of people interested in the Holland Lop.

I reach the Pet Boutique at approximately 11 am. I was greeted with a very cosy little shop that reminds me of the movie set of Noting Hill. LOL! At one glance you would agree that the shop was very well layout and all products are placed in the most appropriate locations.


There were 2 Cockatiels at the entrance.


Is that a Standard Poodle?! And a Chihuahua!?


Cats! Meow!


The breed showcase. I was really amazed by the Maine Coon but I forgot to take a picture of them.


Cats for adoption. Only RM50!



Here are Alicia’s rabbits in the NIC panel.


Skor and Luna was placed right in front of the counter. I could tell that they were a little stressed out Skor especially. LOL….img_9961Being the rabbit expert for the day. LOL…

I believe I avoided many questions today because I was hanging out mostly outside the boutique. Somehow I was sneezing non-stop and I just couldn’t identify what I was allergy to. No offence to Pet Epicure, I believe it was the Guinea Pigs. LOL!!!!

All in all, I really enjoyed myself getting to know new friends and learned so much about cats, scorpions, tarantula and snakes! Yeah, that’s what we were doing outside the boutique. Having PET talks!!!

Hope Pet Epicure all the best for their boarding and adoption services. May 2009 be prosperous!

Thank you very much Alicia, Jonathan & everyone at Pet Epicure!



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8 responses to “Tru-Luv Rabbitry @ Pet Epicure

  1. Sounds like it was a fun and productive day! Pet Epicure looks VERY nice and clean-I’m impressed.:-)

  2. Hey, did Skor and Luna got special treats from Master TC for being HL stars during the opening? 😀

  3. tania

    Awwwe I completely forgot about the opening of pet epicure! Well even if I did remember, I had babysitting duties that day.. had to babysit two kids, my sister, and pepper.. hahahaha XD.

    Shame you kept sneezing! You could’ve opened up people’s eyes to the intricate world of rabbitssss.. (:

  4. June

    I planned to visit Pet Epicure to buy NIC Panel and say hello to Skor and Luna but was too caught up with work. Would there be another Rabbit-exhibition soon?

    • No Rabbit Exhibition anytime soon. I think if you want to get the NIC Panels, you should get in touch with Alicia and ask if she has stock. I am not sure if she keeps the stock at the shop.

  5. June

    Noted. Thanks! I’ll check with her b4 I go…

  6. petepicure

    thank you for coming tim.
    it was a pleasure to have someone who appreciates my passion for lops too.
    skor is so ‘man’ and luna…well you know how i feel about her 🙂
    we must keep in touch and i’ll do my best to spread the word about your wonderful lops.

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