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Tru-Luv Truffles: Day 7!!! Woohoo 1 week old!!!

Just a blink of an eye, it’s been a week already. This little black and white furball is getting cuter by the days. Today a little small piece of hay went into its nose and made it sneezed and hacked. I got a little scare wondering what happened. After pulling off the the piece of hay, this little fellow cuddled up in my palm.

img_9983img_9985img_9984img_9983I caught photos of Holly Hope nursing the little one. It is no coincidence that I was able to capture this video. Bear in mind rabbits in the wild will run far away from their nests when predators are nearby. Why isn’t Holly Hope running away from me? That’s because she knows me too well. I have been cuddling her the moment she was born.

That is the wonder of individual attention given to the rabbits. They treat you like their family too. She is such a great mommy. You’ll notice that she has been pulling her fur from her thigh and now it is bald. Talking about motherly LOVE, even a small animals such as these can show unconditional love. It is really surprising why mankind with better brains can’t.




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