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Tru-Luv Truffles: Day 8

I found myself not writing much these days because I just cannot differentiate between night and day anymore. My chatting friends are mostly Americans and I usually stay up pretty late to have bunny chats or should I say bunny gossips. It is so nice to chat with them especially those that are so willing to share their knowledge with you.

I am so happy to have found so many Holland Lop breeder friends and they have been so supportive. My world is so much brighter having these friends around the globe. At least I do not sound like a mad person talking about rabbits all the time.

I really really love HOLLAND LOPS! I think it is the only true rabbit breed in the world. LOL!

Oops, I am so sorry, this post is suppose to be Truffles’ post. I have only not seen it for a day and she has grown so much. Its fur has thickened. I missed on nice photo of Holly Hope nursing last night because the camera automatically placed the photos into another folder.







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